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Flash Magnets – Halloween

Halloween Specials
It’s that time of year again – where ghosts and witches walk amongst us and there are costumes galore out and about. Maybe you’re heading off to a great costume party or you’re looking at hosting one of your own for all your friends, family and colleagues. Whatever the plan, why not take advantage of our great Halloween special and book Flash Magnets to catch all the excitement at your gathering, with a special discount of 10% on new bookings, valid until 11/3! Don’t delay – book today!

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen
If you haven’t heard this saying before, you might wonder what exactly it means. Generally speaking it’s an encouragement by one party to another to prove an event happened by showing a photo (or twelve!) of said event. Usually used playfully, ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ is a fun way to encourage photo sharing amongst friends and colleagues.

That’s where Flash Magnets comes into play. You want some of those great pictures from that event to hand so you can share those unforgettable moments with all your friends and family. With a variety of ways to enjoy these photos for years to come with our special photographers and ways to store the photos, there’s no better time to book us for those upcoming evenings – Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas or New Year.

You want to remember those special days for years to come, after all!

Memory Making – The Modern Way!
Photos have long been a huge part of various festivities from around the world. Classed as an art form, photography is a wonderful way to capture beautiful and fun imagery, marking that moment in time in a way you can revisit time and again.

Many couples these days use photo booths at their weddings as a great way to entertain guests as well as catch those memories. With Flash Magnets, specific photographers can even be dedicated to slipping throughout the party to catch those candid moments you may not think to photograph, making this an option that will ensure total coverage and hilarious stories. It’s the modern way to keep a visual tab of events as they unfold – through photo albums, magnets and more that can be treasured for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Check out how Flash Magnets can help you create photographic party memories you’ll treasure forever.

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