Flash Magnets In Spring & Summer


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Flash Magnets In Spring & Summer

What are Flash Magnets?

Flash magnets are pictures in which our expert photographer takes during events throughout the evening and displays these on magnets ready to collect during the event. These magnets have become increasingly popular for corporate parties, get-togethers and functions. Our photo
Magnets allow people to enjoy their evening without worrying about pictures being taken. Plus guests get to take home a souvenir to remember the night and since it is on a magnet, it won’t end up getting lost.

Prior to the event, you will be asked what you would like to be included on the magnet. Things which can be on the magnet include company name, company logo, contact info, slogans and anything else you can think of!

Why the spring & summer season is great for Flash Magnets

Summer is quickly approaching and that means more events and functions . Do you need something to help capture these summer moments? Flash Magnets can do just that and helps to promotes team bonding and social events, something every employee loves! Whether it’s a corporate get together on the beach, an afternoon BBQ or a formal dinner, let us capture your moments and provide memories which will last forever.
The spring and summer months are commonly associated with heat, beaches, blue skies and the sun, right? These days make for the best pictures, with the majority of events only captured behind closed doors at Christmas parties, corporate gatherings and birthdays, what better way to start the few months of spring or summer with a stunning day out with the coworkers. You want photographs which bring people together and show the true value of your business.
Remember, businesses which take time for their staff and create social experiences often stay together and grow together.

Why Flash Magnets are great

With Flash Magnets working in any lighting, it’s time to enjoy the summer months (perfect for winter too!) and get yourself some magnets made to promote great experiences and bonding for the entire office Choose Flash Magnets for your next event to reward your staff for their hard work, and most importantly to provide them with a unique memento to remember the experience.

Where do I book for corporate Flash Magnets?

Simply visit our website and get a free quote today! Alternatively, give us an email or a ring and we would be more than happy to discuss your next corporate get-together, creating ever-lasting memories and experiences for your business

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