Photo Booth Alternative provides Booth-less Photography and Instant Magnets


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Photo Booth Alternative provides Booth-less Photography and Instant Magnets

These days, you can’t have a party without having something to remember it by – you need to make it memorable so your guests can cherish those moments forever. How many times have you seen a photo booth at a wedding or other event? And how many times did you leave the dance floor and go out of your way to get a few photos?

It’s always a matter of doing something different, something unique, something that’ll make people go “Wow!” the moment they enter the party. Would you really move away from the festivities to get your photo taken? Or do you want the whole party to be your photo booth, and for your moments and memories be captured so you can take them with you as a magnet?

Flash Magnets is the company that brings the concept of photo booths to your event but on a much larger and more convenient scale. We bring high-quality event and party photos to your attendees and give them memories to take home.

We produce the magnets right then and there. The magnets are significantly larger than photo booth strips and can be put on your fridge or used as a traditional photo print.

We want people to be caught in a beautiful moment at the right time, instead of forcing a photo with a fake background. Our photographer will make sure the photos we have of the attendees are high-quality and festive so they can take a piece of the party home with them, along with countless memories.

Why are photo booths so common today and not Flash Magnets? Well, it’s simple: the concept is new, and people are just not aware of what we have to offer. We want to make parties more interesting, more intimate and more personal than ever before; we believe that photo booths take away the natural aspect of human emotion and instead replace it with artificial happiness.

The best part about using Flash Magnets instead of photo booths is the professional photographer. Our talented photographers can capture unique moments at any event and make the whole event shine.

It’s the people that make any event special, and if you capture the people nicely at the center of the party and show the world that everyone’s happy, then your event will automatically get much more recognition and acclaim.

If you’re looking for a photo booth replacement and don’t want to cut down on the fun, then Flash Magnets is the company that will make your event truly personal and truly spectacular and will make the host and their guests the center of attention.

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