How a Roaming Photographer is a Better Alternative to a Photo Booth


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How a Roaming Photographer is a Better Alternative to a Photo Booth

Photo booths are quite popular right now at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, celebrity events, casual office parties, etc. However, photo booths are just confined spaces where your guests will have to specifically go to take their photo. It’s unnatural and, for the most part, it’s too limiting.

How does one create instant memories for guests at a party and capture their best selves in the moment, without them being conscious about what’s going on? Well, that’s where Flash Magnets photography comes in.

When it comes to parties, it’s all about the people and the memories they make. When someone’s having fun, they don’t really want to take a break and go take a photo in a photo booth—that just seems silly.

Flash Magnets takes the ideas of photo booths but removes the booth altogether. Our professional photographer goes around the party and takes attractive and stunning photos of the guests when they’re most comfortable. Don’t miss out on memories just because you forgot to go to the photo booth—have attractive photos taken by professionals instead.

Photo magnets are created on site in minutes. It’s extremely efficient and simple, and helps make memories. You don’t need an ugly booth at the event, and there are no cleanup times, removal or installation costs, or wait times.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I get a photo booth at my wedding?”, you need to understand that photo booths are outdated now. It’s uncomfortable, it’s awkward, and it’s a buzz kill. Capture moments when they arise, not when they are forced.

Pick through your favorite moments, add them to your fridge, and see them every day. There are no delays, no forced smiles—just all-natural happiness captured in the heat of the moment.
What’s the best part about ditching photo booths for Flash Magnets? Well, for one, there are tons of ideas and personalization you can add to the party to capture each and every moment naturally. Let your guests be an integral part of the party, not an accessory.

For instance, props, costumes and clothing items can be added as well as some surprises where the exact moment and your guests’ reactions can be captured. Personalization is key for making any event stand out, and when your guests are not expecting something, their reactions will be pure, proper, and tasteful.

Picking out the best moments is important, though. With so many pictures being taken, it’s important to focus on quality. We want all the guests to look and feel great because of our photos. We want to make them an important part of the event and capture their reactions in real time.

There’s no beating professional photos: you get depth, color, and highlights, things a photo booth won’t capture. The pure, raw, unadulterated emotion of your guests is captured exquisitely by our experienced photographer.

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