Unique Company Gift


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Unique Company Gift

It’s a funny thing, you know, as an expert who helps clients in a variety of events, just how many companies choose to commemorate their own corporate events photographically.


We live in a world dominated by camera phone selfies and posts to social media, and savvy companies have picked up on that, too.  The days of a roving photographer “working the room” have largely passed, but people and companies still relish that connection – that espirit de corps that a fun event can build.  Individuals do it with pictures on their phone, but we do it with FlashMagnets. Why?  It’s fun!


Let’s face it, a huge challenge for companies is keeping employees inspired, motivated, and engaged and by creating those environments that foster fun and engagement, companies are able to drive up retention rates – especially with the Millennial generation.


The beauty of FlashMagnets is that unlike traditional photography, where you have to wait until the event is over and done and merely a fading memory at the water cooler, attendees have nearly instant access to the pictures, capturing the moment right then.  Even more importantly, FlashMagnets saves that moment as a keepsake – the picture, literally, on a magnet.  We all know that today, “in the moment” is how people live, so that instant gratification that people relish is available – be it for a snapshot with business partners, a picture with the keynote speaker, or a team photo – and we make it more fun by making it a magnet.


As 2017 really gets underway and your company is planning those fun events like company picnics and awards ceremonies, add in a dash of fun for your team by bringing our team out to capture all the excitement.  Sure, you could depend on that selfie stick that’s in your trunk, but then you’d be too busy worrying about that and not having fun.


Give us a call at FlashMagnets and bring some more fun to your corporate happenings – remember, we’re not just here when you’re off work!


P.S. The challenge of any event is incorporating some fun into it. With FlashMagnets, your guests actually have the chance to keep those memories- instantly!


When they leave, they can keep these picture sized magnet memories as a unique personal gift from the event and a commemorative of it in the most unique way possible – not something that will just be tossed aside, but instead displayed and remembered again and again.

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