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When All That Matters Is Having a Memorable Event

Unique Party Idea

Many things in our lifetime happen only once, and before we know it these memories vanish forever. More often than not, memories from a corporate event disappear in a flash– despite all the time and money invested to successfully promote it. So what could have been missing? What simple concept might have been introduced? What could have made a real difference?


The answer is simple. There was nothing from the event to keep & hold memories in the first place. The easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure a lasting impression of your occasion is through photo magnets shared with your guests as a parting gift. Rather than a souvenir or party favor, they’ll have a unique keepsake… photos of him or her self enjoying your special event along with others. Around the border of each magnet will be a customized graphic frame branded with your company logo and website. Then your guests will be reminded of you when they place their photo in their homes or office, on a refrigerator, a desk, or inside their car- anywhere there’s a metallic surface. Needless to say, our service is a must-have for any wedding!


Flash Magnets is the best and trusted photo-magnet keepsake service around. We will work as closely with your event planner as you prefer. Our professional photographers will capture the best images of your guests enjoying the occasion you put your heart and soul into, keeping that memory fresh!


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